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Kalyana Sundarar


Red in color (si.ndhUram), Three eyed, shoulders like yugas (four shouldered), wearing necklace and bracelet, Colorful in divine wonderful dress, Shining in the wedding robe, ornated, with enchanting body, salutations to that mUrti who is in marriage posture, with a hand of dEvi in one lotus hand, with axe and deer in hands and ga.ngaand moon on the wound-up hair.


purANa of the mUrti:

kalyANa su.ndarar : The beautiful (mUrti )in marriage(bhOga mUrti)

Shakthi was born as pArvati, the daughter of the king of Himalayas. As a young child, She was not interested in playing like the other children. She was more inclined towards meditating on Lord Shiva in the mountains. She desired to marry Lord shiva. For that she wanted to perform austerity in the snow covered himalayas. Her parents hesitated, but finally had to subdue to the determination of pArvati. pArvati performed austerity from an ashram. Lord Shiva who was happy with Her worship, came as an old devotee to her place. pArvati offered Her respect to the Old bhakta of Her Beloved Lord. Now, He tried to convince Her that She shouldn't waste Her youth doing tapas, but should enjoy life getting married ! He further suggested that She could get married to Him, instead of desiring for Lord shiva Who dances in the cemeteries and wears skulls and bones! pArvati, without knowing that He is God Himself, got very angry on hearing the Old man's words and told Him that She showed Him respect only because He seemed like a devotee and She would not want to hear any little blasphemy of God further. She asked the Old Man to leave the place immediately. The Lord, pleased with Her determination and devotion, revealed who He is. pArvati was surprised and begged the pardon of God. However God had accepted Her scolding as the most pleasant hailing. Didn't it come from a very deep love for God ?! He gave Her the boon She yearned for - getting married to Her.

thirumananjeri - kalyanasundarar

The himalayan king's family was delighted to see their beloved daughter's wedding. The region was decorated and shining with prosperity. The young beautiful pArvati was decorated with chosen best ornaments for the wedding. Now came the Groom - Lord shiva - to the wedding place - on an old bull, with skull and bone ornaments, with the skin of the tiger as the clothing, accompanied by the roar of the bUta gaNas !! The mother of pArvati mEnai fainted to see the groom in such a form for her sweet daughter, softer than the flowers. Now the Lord changed to the form, glittering in a beautiful wedding robe - with golden ornaments and splendid clothing! When mEnai woke up and saw the Groom she was thrilled to see such a beautiful form and was very pleased that He is "the suitable" groom for her daughter. The play of the Lord has no bounds ! mEnai saw only the external appearance of the Groom. Other than the great pArvati who knows the glory of that Groom ?! The enchanting Lord in the wedding robe got married to the Daughter of the mountains and this form of God is called kalyANa sundharar.

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வலைத்தலை மானன்ன நோக்கியர் நோக்கின்
மிலைத்தலைந் தேனை விடுதிகண் டாய்வெண்
கலைத்தலை யாய்கரு ணாகர னேகயி
மலைத்தலை வாமலை யாள்மண வாளஎன்
    வாழ்முதலே    8.திருவா.6.40

மலையரையன் பொற்பாவை
    வாள்நுதலாள் பெண்திருவை
உலகறியத் தீவேட்டான்
    என்னுமது என்னேடீ
உலகறியத் தீவேளா
    தொழிந்தனனேல் உலகனைத்துங்
கலைநவின்ற பொருள்களெல்லாங்
    கலங்கிடுங்காண் சாழலோ    8.திருவா.12.13


மலையரையன் பொற்பாவை வாள்நுதலாள் பெண்திருவை

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