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Smeared in red (blood), moving fierce, with three nice eyes, Protection posture, axe, deer, bow decorating the hands, cutting the head of jala.ndhara who is trying to hold the disc (chakra) of earth (ground), I pray, the destroyer of jala.ndhara.

purANa of the deity:

jala.ndhara ari : enemy of jala.ndhara (vIrA mUrti)

jalandhara was a demon king. After doing harsh austerities he got lots of boons. By the power he got out of those boons, he captured and ruled the worlds. He went to thedEvAs to fight against. Since nobody was ready to fight against such a powerful enemy, everybody subdued to him without much resistance. He then proceeded to more powerful worlds of satyalOka and vaikuNTha. There too nobody was ready to fight against him. But he was told that only Lord Shiva can fight against him. Stupid jalandhara not realizing what he is doing, went to KailAsa, the abode of Lord shiva, to fight with the God! Lord Shiva took the form of an old man and stood on his way. He asked jalandhara where he was going. jalandhara replied that he was going to fight against Lord Shiva. Smiling the Old Man marked a disc (chakra) on the ground. He said, "Before fighting with the powerful Lord shiva, check your strength by lifting this disc above your head." jalandhara laughed at the Old man that he did not realize jalandhara's strength. He decided to show off his strength by lifting that disc. As he started lifting jala.ndhara realized that it was not an easy job. He took that disc with great difficulty and placed on his head. The disc cut his head off cutting him into pieces!


(That disc is the sudarshana chakra part of which was given to mahAvishhNu by the Lord chakra pradhar)

thiruviRkudi is the temple associated with this valourous deed of Lord Shiva



எங்குங் கலந்துமென் உள்ளத் தெழுகின்ற

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The Forms of Lord Shiva

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