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Thiruviyalur Uyyavandha Dheva Nayanar


It is said that this shaivite philosopher came from the north of bharath to rAmEshwaram to bathe in the sea. On his way back he came to thiruviyalUr. There a devotee by name ALudaiya dhEva n^AyanAr approached him to become his disciple. Blessing him uyya van^dha dhEvar composed thiruvun^dhiyAr, which is one of the san^thAna texts (1). Later he returned back to north. This is one story about him, but there are no evidences for the same. The style of his work thiruvun^dhiyAr has some resemblence with the style of thiruman^dhiram and is in the old thamiz literature style. The time thiruvun^dhiyAr was written is said to be 1147 A.C.E.


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