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The Puranam of Mangkaiyarkkarasiyar Nayanar

(mangkaiyarkkarasiyAr nAyanAr purANam - Periyapuranam as English poetry)

        "I am a servitor of Maani, the wearer 
        Of streaked bangles." 
                        - The Tiru-th-Tonda-th-Tokai. 
1.     She is the peerless queen of women, our deity,  
    The divine shoot of the Chola dynasty, Maani of Kanni Naadu, 
    Who wears bangles, the goddess throned on the red Lotus, 
    The divine woman who did away with the blame 
    Of the Paandya race: by the grace of our lord-- 
    The Prince of Sanbai--, she abolished the evil 
    That beset Tamil naadu and propagated 
    They way of the Holy Ash of soaring effulgence; 
    We hail the feet of those that hail her feet.            (4189) 
2.     How can we even articulate the glory of her who was 
    Endowed with the tapas to get hailed in a glowing 
    Hymn by the Prince of Pukali--the crest-jewel 
    Of the earthly celestials--, who having quaffed 
    Nectarean gnosis, poured forth holy words from his lips? 
    She flourished for many years as the consort of Netumaaran 
    Of flawless renown-- the monarch of the Paandya realm--, 
    And his guide of Saivism, 
    And with him reached through the path of Saivism 
    The umbrage cast by the Lord’s feet; she is 
    Blessed to abide aeviternally there.                (4190) 

                                                                 Mangkaiyarkkarasiyar Nayanar - The Puranam of Mangkaiyarkkarasiyar Nayanar
3.     The unfailing divine Ponni fosters foison 
    And thereby, the Chola dynasty; even like her  
    Beauteous Chola country, she--a glorious lamp--, 
    Caused the southern realm of the Paandya to shine 
    In splendour; hailing her pretty and roseate feet 
    We proceed to narrate the glory of Nesar, the great one 
    Of the renowned weavers’ clan, who poised 
    Unswervingly in his righteous way, gave away 
    To servitors clothing, keel and kovanam woven by him.        (4191) 
Verse No. 
    This woman-saint is the Saviour of Saivism.  Her greatness is ineffable.  Like a  
    magnet she drew to her presence the first of the Aachaaryas, namely St.  Sambandhar.  
    She is indeed an amsa of the Magna Mater. 
            Here ends the Puranam of Mangkayarkkarasiyaar 

Sincere thanks to Sri. T N Ramachandran of thanjavur, for permitting his English rendering of the holy text periyapurANam be published here.

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