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Poonthuruthinambi Kadanambi History

Poonthuruththi nambi kAdanambi is one among the nine devotees who sung the Divine Music thiruvichaippA, which is the ninth thirumuRai. His compositions form the fourth set in thiruvichaippA. He was born in pUn^thuruththi near thiruvaiyARu. This disciplined deevotee was born in the vEdas chanters tradition in the AtrEya lineage (gOtram) (Some say he was born in the pallava lineage as there is the root kAdavar in his name.)

He was a great devotee of Lord shiva. He used to travel to the abodes of the Lord, Who does not have one place to live. This dedicated poet would sing the thEvArams in the abodes he went. This devotee, having got inspired by the shaivite saints and great devotees, has adored thirunyAnachamban^dhar, thirun^Avukkarachar, chun^dharar, kaNNappar, kaNampullar, chEramAn in the hymns he has sung. He has sung the thiruvichappA(1) one on both kOyil, thiruvArUr. He has used a special paN (melody) called chALarapANi which is not found in the thEvArams. He lived in the thoughts of God during the 10 th century A.C.E.

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