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Dwadasa Aradhyas (ద్వాదస ఆరధ్యులు)


The following twelve people are called the Dwadasa Aaradhyas. They devoted their Lives to propogate shaiva in accordance with the principles and practices sanctioned by and enshrined in the Vedas and Agamas.

	Siddha Trayam.
        Revana Siddhudu
        Marula Siddhudu
        Eko Rama Siddhudu

    Aacharya Trayam.
        Sweta Aacharyudu
        Lakulisa Aacharyudu
        Neelakantha Aacharyudu

    Aaradhya Trayam.
        Udbhata Aaradhyudu
        Kotipalli Aaradhudu
        Vemana Aaradhudu

    Paditha Trayam.
        Sripathi Pandithudu
        Manchana Pandithudu
        Mallikarjuna Pandithudu

1. Revana Siddhudu

He is said to have been born out of Someswara Linga of Kolanupaka. He presented Chandra Mouleswara Linga to Adi Shankara Aacharya in appreciation of his great Scholarship and Sastra Vichara. It is also mentioned that he taught Saiva Pholosophy to Agasthya Maharshi. He wrote a great treatise titled “Siddhanta Sikhamani”. It is also believed that he performed a miracle by giving a new life to Chandra Ketu, son of Viswa Karma Bhoopala. His discendance bore the house name or family name of Changanti or Kasinadhuni. He belonged to Aatreyasa gotram.

2. Marula Siddhudu

He belonged to Bharadwajasa gotram. He was born with Sadasiva Amsha. He did penance at Gokarnam. He propagated Saiva Siddhanta. One king by name Veerapala Mahipal was constructing a big tank engaging the services of Lingadharis. The king was not paying them wages. Marula Siddhudu freed the Linga dharis from the drudgery by getting the tank constructed with a golden mantradandam. Later the king regretted the mistake and prostrated before Marula Siddudu and sought forgiveness. He gave a hundred years of life to King Veera kala by sprinkling water mixed with bhasma on his body. His descendants bore the family name of Tadikonda.

3. Eko Rama Siddhudu

He was also known as Ghanta Karna. He was staying in Himalayas. He was said to be born out of Ramanadha Linga with “aprakruta divya deham”. He constructed in Someswara kshetra with the power of his penance and the king presented him with an Agraharam. He had a son by name Vallinadha. He belonged to Haritasa gotra and his descendants bore the surname of Mallampalli.

4. Sweta Acharyudu

He was a great Siva yogi and Sri Neelakanta Acharya was his distinguished disciple. He was the most ancient Sivayogi. He was known as “Sarva Vedanta Tatwa Darshi, Pada Vakya Pramanagna” and exponent of Siva Adwaita Siddhanta pratipoadaka Brahma Sutras.

5. Lakuleesa Acharyudu

He was said to be holding “Beeja pura phalam” in his right hand and Lakuli Phalam in his left hand. He was having Three Eyes on his forehead. Kusika, Garga, Mitra and Kourishya were his disciples. He propagated Pasupata Siddhanta and installed Pasupata Saiva Stambham in Madhura. He was said to have lived in second century BC.

6. Neela Kanta Acharyudu

He was born of Neela Lohita Rudramsha and stayed at Kaleswaram near Warangal. He was born to Visweswara Aradhya and Gowridevi. He married Sarvamangala, daughter of Veerabhadra Acharya. Sweta Acharya was his guru and gave him Sambhava Deeksha. He wrote Siva Adwaita Siddhanta, Bodhaka, Saareerika brahma sutra, Meemamsha Bhashya for the benefit of people belonging to eighteen castes who adopted Pasupaata deeksha. This is other wise known as Neela Kanta Bhasya. He also wrote Prasthana Trayam postulating the Siva Adwaita Siddhanta. Hara Dutta from south, Soma Sekhara from West, Bhava deva from North and Bheemeswara from East were his famous disciples. They propagated Neela Kanta Bhasyam throughout the country. He is said to belong to fourth to fifth century BC.

7. Udbhata Acharyudu

He was born out of Varanasi Visweswara Linga. He belonged to Bharadwajasa gortra. He married Leelavati, also known as Sunderi. King Bhojarajay of Vallakipuram was his disciple. Palkuriki Somanatha stated that seven hundred gandharwas obtained salvation with Udbhata Acharya’s kindness.

8. Koti Palli Aradhyudu

He was a resident of Kotipalli kshetra hence he was called Kotipallyaradhudu. He was also known as Viswaradhya. He was born to Someswara and Bhavani of Kashyapa gotra in tweith century AD. In a village he converted paddy grown in the fields into gold by sprinkling water mixed with bhasma and after this miracle the village came to be known to be Pamidimukkala. His descendants are known under the surname of Ivaturi. He wrote great books such as Chaturveda saram, Vrishabadhipa Satakam and Basava Rajeeyam. He gave Sambhava Deeksha to Mallikharjuna Panditha.

9. Vemana Aradhya

He was born to Mallikharjuna in the twelfth century with the grace of SriSaila Mallikarjuna. He obtained Sambhava Deeksha from Tripurantakeswara. His disciple Vishnu deva bhoopala presented him with balideva agrahara. By sprinkling water mixed with bhasma, he gave fresh life to animals sacrificed in Yagnas and the king who was bitten by a serpent. He belonged to Koundinyasa gotra and his descendants bore the surname of Mulugu.

10. Sripathi Panditulu

He was born to Mallikarjuna and Bramnarambha devi in 11th century AD and stayed in SriSailam. He was the author of Sri Kara Bhashyam. He performed miracles by tying agni in his anga vastra at Vijayawada and it was recorded so in a sila sasanam and in the British archeological records.

11. Manchana Panditudu

He belonged to 11th century AD and Salankayana gotra. He did penance in Sri Kala Hasti. In Varanasi, he is said to have made the Madhava Vigraha walk up to Visweswara with the power of his penance. He condemned the Jaina and Boudha systems and established the superiority of Saiva Siddhanta. Upamnyu maharshi was said to have been him Sambhava Deeksha.

12. Mallikarjuna Panditudu

He was born to Bheemana Pandita and Gowramba in 12 century AD and stayed in Draksha Rama and he belonged to Gowtamasa gotra. He was called Triloka guru and taught to people belonging to Chatur Varnas. In Chandavolu village, in a conference of all religious heads, he defeated the protagonists of all other religions and established the supremacy of Saivism. The king of Chandavolu ordered removal of his eye-balls. A number of times his eye-balls were removed but they returned to their place immediately there after. At the end he himself gave away the eye-balls to the king and cursed him. He went to Amaravati and not only regained his both eyes with the blessings of Amareswara but also got a third eye like Parameswara. He propagated Saiva Siddhanta as Parameswara. He wrote Amarewara Satakam. He performed miracles by restoring the feet of Velagonda Mahadevaradhya, who cut his feet in remorse for having touched the vessels used for Siva puja accidentally with his feet. He was the author of Siva tatwa Saram wherein he extolled the greatness of Pasupata Vratam also called as Atyasramam, Pasupatam, Sambhavam, Sirovratam and Lingadharana Deeksha.

All these Dwadasa (Twelve) Aaradhyas wrote books and propagated the Sroutha Saiva Siddhanta by practice and by preaching in all the corners of the country with deep devotion throughout their life.


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