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Arul Nandhi Shivachchariyar

This shaivite philosopher came in the tradition of Adhi shaivar in a town called thiruththuRaiyUr in thamiz land.As he had well learnt the scriptures vEdhas & AgamAs in the childhood itself he was called sakalAgama paNditar. His was the family that had been the traditional gurus to the family of meykaNdAr(1), a great shaiva sidhdhanthic philosopher. But eventually meykaNdAr became aruL n^an^dhi shivAchAriyAr's guru. In fact the name aruL n^an^dhi chivam was given by meykaNdAr only. His original name is not known, to that extent the name blessed by the guru stood amongst the devotees. He is also being referred to as chaNbaiyar thalaivar, which could mean that he spent some of his life time in chIrkAzi.

His period could be derived as 13th century, as that was the period of meykaNdAr. aruNan^dhi chivAchAriyAr wrote two philosophical texts. They are:

chiva nyAna chidhdhiyAr

irupA irupaqthu

He reached the Transcedental Feet of Lord shiva in the pUram day of purattAsi month.

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