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Alavayudayar (Lord Shiva of Madurai as a Thirumurai Composer)

Alavayudaiyar is one among the twelve who sung the padhinOrAn^ thirumuRai (eleventh thirumuRai)(1). He is the Almighty Himself, Who has taken abode in madhurai with the name chokka n^Athar. The Supreme's composition, which is called thirumukap pAchuram, is the first hymn in this thirumuRai. This is a letter written by Lord shiva introducing the devotee pANa batran to the other devotee - the emperor of the chEra kingdom chEramAn perumAL n^AyanAr(2), ordering the emperor to liberally donate to pANa batrar. This song, as a pioneer for the letter writing formats, has been organised as From, To and then the Subject. The story behind this mail song is found in periya purANam(3) and also in thiruviLaiyAdal purANam (4).

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