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Yaksha and Indra - From Kenopanishad

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Kena Upanishad

अथॆन्द्रमब्रुवन्, मघवन्नॆतद् विजानीहि, किमॆतद् यक्षमिति
तथॆति, तदभ्यद्रवत्, तस्मात् तिरॊदधॆ ॥ ११ ॥

Hymn as Romanized text


athEndramabruvan, maghavannEtad vijAnIhi, kimEtad yakShamiti,
tathEti, tadabhyadravat, tasmAt tirOdadhE || 3.11 ||

(atha indram abruvan, 
maghavan Etad vijAnIhi, kim Etad yakSham iti,
tathA iti, 
tat abhyadravat, 
tasmAt tirOdadhE || 3.11 ||)


Meaning of the Prayer Hymn:

 Then they (divines) said to Indra, "Oh the powerful! Find out who this Spirit is!"
He responded, "ok".
He rushed (to approach the Spirit).
From him, It concealed Itself!


1. While the Yaksha had challenged the other two divines
- Agni and Vayu - It did not for Indra. Instead It concealed Itself.
Why? This riddle gets answered in the later verses.

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