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Why God did not give us Bliss right away?

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


பதிமுது நிலை

நலமிலன் நண்ணார்க்கு நண்ணினர்க்கு நல்லன்
சலமிலன் பேர் சங்கரன்.   9

Song as Romanized text


pathimuthu nilai

n-alamilan n-aNNArkku n-aNNinarkku n-allan
salamilan pEr sangkaran.   9

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Not of value for those who do not seek;
Valuable for those who seek;
Does not waver;
His name is Shankara (Meritorious).


1.  nalamilan & nallan 
A key Shaiva siddhanta concept. 
If God is all merciful, one may ask, 
He could have directly put us all in Bliss
instead of making us wander in the world of dichotomy.
The answer shaiva siddhanta gives here is very key. 
You can provide excellent food. However,
there has to be hunger and resulting zeal in the
part of receiver. If not the receiver cannot enjoy the 
excellent food. The same way, even though God is 
offering us the ultimate Bliss, unless we develop the 
singular focus and zeal for God, we would not be able 
to relish that great state. So God gives that Bliss to those
who seek the God and does not for those who do not.

2.  salamilan 
In this whole process God is totally impartial.
God is not favoring some and not others. 
People relish the grace of God earlier or later
based on their own maturity to seek God.

3. shankaran 
Shankara - sham + kara - meritorious.
This is the characteristic of God - being 
boundlessly meritorious. Only because of this
God has given us this life. Only because of this
God liberates us from this life too.

4. This song is an example of the close derivation of
shaiva siddhanta texts from Thirumurais.
c.f. சலமிலன் சங்கரன் சார்ந்தவர்க்கல்லால் நலமிலன் 
நாள்தொறும் நல்குவான் நலன் - அப்பர்

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