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Why do People Question Reincarnation, Bliss, God?

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


இருள்மல நிலை

துன்றும் பவத்துயரும் இன்பும் துணைப்பொருளும்
இன்றென்பது எவ்வாறும் இல்.   21

Song as Romanized text

iruLmala n-ilai

thunRum bavaththuyarum inbum thuNaipporuLum
inRenbadhu evvARum il    21

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 It is in noway possible that 
"the crowding incarnation misery,
the Bliss and the Patron
does not exist"


1. thunRuthal - to crowd.

2. The 10 songs starting from this describe
the darkness - Anava - that cover the soul.

3. People question the existence of 
reincarnation, ultimate Bliss, a helping patron - God.
Why do they do that? It is natural that the question
comes, because under the veil of the darkness of
Anava, they are unable to see either their current state in full,
or the ultimate gift the soul can get or 
the Lord Who can help in making the transition from the
current misery to the state of Bliss!

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