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Why did God tell Vedas?

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Prayer from Thirumanthiram



வேதம் உரைத்தானும் வேதியனாகிலன்
வேதம் உரைத்தானும் வேதா விளங்கிட
வேதம் உரைத்தானும் வேதியர் வேள்விக்காய்
வேதம் உரைத்தானும் மெய்ப்பொருள் காட்டவே.

Song as Romanized text



vEdham uraiththAnum vEdhiyanAkilan
vEdham uraiththAnum vEdhA viLangkida
vEdham uraiththAnum vEdhiyar vELvikkAy
vEdham uraiththAnum meypporuL kAttavE.


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

He told vedas, did not become a chanter of them;
He told vedas, so that brahma can understand (and perform his work);
He told vedas, so that brahmans can perform the seeking rite (yagna);
He told vedas, in order to show the Truth!


1.  vEdhiyanAkilan
Vedas originate from the God. However God is not chanting them as we do.
He reveals vedas for our benefit, He has no benefit out of it.
2.  vELvi - yagna - seeking rite.
(This gets usually translated as sacrifice. But the original
meaning of the word is "seeking" rite, not sacrificing.)
3.  meypporuL kAttavE
Vedas are the foundation of the dharma. 
The real essence of Vedas is in realizing the Truth.
4. Ref: Thirumurais hailing Vedas


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