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There is no point in taking refuge anywhere else! Prayer from Atmarpanastuti of Appayya Dikshitar

Prayer from Atmarpanastuti of Appayya Dikshitar

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Prayer in Sanskrit 


यद्याकाशं शुभद मनुजाश्चर्मवद्वॆष्टयॆयुः
    दुःखस्यान्तं तदपि पुरुषस्त्वामविज्ञाय नैति ।
विज्ञानं च त्वयि शिव ऋतॆ त्वत्प्रसादान्न लभ्यं
    तद्दुःखार्तः कमिह शरणं यामि दॆवं त्वदन्यम् ॥ २६ ॥

Shloka as Romanized text


yadyAkAshaM shubhada manujAshcharmavadvEShTayEyuH
    duHkhasyAntaM tadapi puruShastvAmavij~jAya naiti |
vij~jAnaM cha tvayi shiva RutE tvatprasAdAnna labhyaM
    tadduHkhArtaH kamiha sharaNaM yAmi dEvaM tvadanyam || 26 ||

(yadi AkAshaM shubhada manujA charmavat vEShTayEyuH
    duHkhasya antaM tadapi puruShaH tvAm avij~jAya na eti |
vij~jAnaM cha tvayi shiva RutE tvatprasAdAt na labhyaM
    tat duHkhArtaH kamiha sharaNaM yAmi dEvaM tvat anyam || )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Even if the human is capable of wrapping up the sky like a skin,
they have not arrived at the point where all the suffering ends,
because they do not know You!
That wisdom too is not achievable unless You favor so!
In this scenario, I, inflicted with misery, 
how can I take refuge in any other divine other than You!


1. shubhada - giver of prosperity; vEShTa - wrap;
eti - reach; Rute - unless.

2. There is no point in taking refuge anywhere else other than
in Lord Shiva. Because, the human with the intelligence may
be capable of scaling the sky, but is incapable to put a permanent end
to his own misery! He needs the wisdom of God to get out of the 
ocean of misery. That wisdom can only be got by the Grace of God.
So, what is the point in begging other powers. Let us seek refuge in Lord Shiva.

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