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There is no difference between renounced and worldly?!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer song in Tamil


மாத்தானவத்தையும் மாயாபுரியின் மயக்கத்தையும்

நீத்தார் தமக்கு ஒரு நிட்டையுண்டே நித்தன் அன்பு கொண்டு

வேர்த்தால் குளித்துப் பசித்தால் புசித்து விழி துயின்று

பார்த்தால் உலகத்தவர் போலிருப்பர் பற்றற்றவரே.

                       - பட்டினத்துப் பிள்ளையார்


Padal as Romanized text




mAththAnavaththaiyum mAyApuriyin mayakkaththaiyum

n-IththAr thamakku oru n-iTTaiyuNDE n-iththan anbu koNDu

vErththAl kuLiththup pasiththAl pusiththu vizi thuyinRu

pArththAl ulakaththavar pOliruppar paRRaRRavarE.

                       - paTTinaththup piLLaiyar



Meaning of the Prayer Song:


For those who have renounced the heavens and the fascinations

of the world of illusion, will there be any fixation?

Having the devotion for the Eternal Lord, those

without attachments appear just like the worldly people

- bathing when it sweats, eating when hungry, sleeping.




1. mAththAnam - great place - Deva Loka; n-iTTai - fixation.


2. We are all running in the world because of the various

cravings, we have got. The material benefits in this world

or the aspiration for fame or the benefits of the heaven

- something or the other makes us run.


For those who have renounced both the benefits of this world

and the heavens, there is nothing to crave for.

All they are interested in is the love for Lord Shiva.

With that they also bathe, they also eat, they also sleep

- like any other worldly people. But their internal state is

just glorious!

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