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The Hard Anava

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


உயிரவை நிலை

கண்டவற்றை நாளும் கனவிற் கலங்கியிடும்
திண்டிறலுக்கு என்னோ செயல். 14

Song as Romanized text


uyiravai n-ilai

kaNdavaRRai n-ALum kanaviR kalangkiyidum
thiNdiRalukku ennO seyal. 14

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 What can be done to the hardness that gets 
distressed ever in the dreams whatever is seen.


1. The hardness is the Anava. Dream is the maya.
Due to the maya the soul misinterprets and due to
Anava it gets into distress. This Anava is sticking to
the soul so hard, that Umapathi shivacharyar asks
what can be done to get rid of it?!

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