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The hand that touches Shiva is higher than God!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Rig Veda

अ॒यं मॆ॒ हस्तॊ॒ भग॑वान॒यं मॆ॒ भग॑वत्तरः ।
अ॒यं मॆ॑ वि॒श्वभॆ॑षजॊ॒ऽयं शि॒वाभि॑मर्शनः ॥ १०.६१.१२ ॥

Mantra as Romanized text


ayaM mE hastO bhagavAnayaM mE bhagavattaraH |
ayaM mE vishvabhEShajO&yaM shivAbhimarshanaH || 10.61.12 ||

(ayaM mE hastO bhagavAn ayaM mE bhagavattaraH |
ayaM mE vishva bhEShajO ayaM shiva abhimarshanaH ||  )


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

 My this hand is the God. My this hand is higher than God!
My this hand holds all the healing. My this hand is the one that touches shiva!


1. abhimarshanaH - touch.

2. The hand that touches and worships Lord shiva
is like the God itself. It is even higher than the God.
That holds the healing of all kinds for the world!

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