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Take Pride Devotees!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Arputhath thiruvanthathi (11th Thirumurai) 



பணிந்தும் படர்சடையான் பாதங்கள் போதால் 
அணிந்தும் அணிந்தவரை ஏத்தத் - துணிந்தும் 
எந்தையார்க்கு ஆட்செய்யப்பெற்ற இதுகொலோ 
சிந்தையார்க்கு உள்ள செருக்கு

Song as Romanized text



paNin-thum padarsadaiyAn pAthangkaL pOthAl 
aNin-thum aNin-thavarai Eththath - thuNin-thum 
en-thaiyArkku AdseyyappeRRa ithukolO 
sin-thaiyArkku uLLa serukku


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

Saluting, crowning along with flowers 
the Feet of the Lord of flowing matted hair,
and determining to hail those who wear (the Lord's feet)
- aren't these acts of being subject to our Lord,
the reason of haughtiness of my mind!


1. We take pride of only what we feel as worthy.
For the realized the most esteemed is the love and
service to God and the servants of God.
The pride of association with God emerges there.
Hence the devotee is highly courageous and blissful
even though in the eyes of the rest they may not 
have significant material worth.
2. c.f. Appar thevaram on same subject


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