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Salutations to Dog! - Why does the Veda say it? Prayer from Shruti Sukti Mala of Haradattacharya

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Prayer in Sanskrit 


सर्वम् त्वया जगदधिष्ठितमॆव मत्वा
    श्वानश्रुतौ नमसिताः पतयश्च तॆषाम् ।
लॊकॆ पुनस्तव महॆश्वर भक्तियॊगात्
    आरॊपिता अपि वयं बहुमानपात्रम् ॥ १८ ॥ 

Shloka as Romanized text


sarvam tvayA jagadadhiShThitamEva matvA
    shvAnashrutau namasitAH patayashcha tEShAm |
lOkE punastava mahEshvara bhaktiyOgAt
    ArOpitA api vayaM bahumAnapAtram || 18 ||
( sarvam tvayA jagat adhiShThitam Eva matvA
    shvAna shrutau namasitAH patayaH cha tEShAm |
lOkE punaH tava mahEshvara bhaktiyOgAt
    ArOpitA api vayaM bahumAna pAtram || 18 ||  )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Realizing that in everything You stand,
the Shruti is saluting the dogs as well as their masters!
Oh Maheshwara! Even among the people we get bestowed
with the high esteem because of the devotion practiced!


1. matvA - having understood; shvAnaH - dog; ArOpita - elevated;
bahumAna - high esteem.

2. In the previous song haradattar explained that because Lord Shiva
is manifest, everything becomes venerable. In this he specifically picks up
from the Veda - the Rudra Sukta, where salutation is said to the normally
considered low animal - the dog. (namaH shavbhya shvapatibhyashcha).
When God is seen in it even the dog is venerable.

Essentially because of this fact, there are some humans, divines who
get venerated. The salutation in those cases is not for the individual.
It is for the God, Who has got them the esteem because of their devotion/tapas.

So, all the salutations are for the Supreme God only.

3. c.f. a. தமராயினார் அண்டமாள - சம்பந்தர்
b. ஆனாலும் கேளாய் அயனும் திருமாலும் 
வானாடர் கோவும் வழியடியார் சாழலோ 
-    திருவாசகம்

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