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Protect Us, Our Posterity From Unfortunate Miseries!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Rig Veda

या तॆ॑ दि॒द्युदव॑सृष्टा दि॒वस्परि॑ क्ष्म॒याचर॑ति॒ परि॒ सा वृ॑णक्तु नः ।
स॒हस्र॑ं तॆ स्वपिवात भॆष॒जामान॑स्तॊ॒कॆषु॒ तन॑यॆषु रीरिषः ॥ ७.४६.३ ॥

Mantra as Romanized text


yA tE didyudavasRuShTA divaspari kShmayA charati pari sA vRuNaktu naH |
sahasraM tE svapivAta bhEShajAmAnastOkEShu tanayEShu rIriShaH || 7.46.3 ||

(yA tE didyud avasRuShTa divaspari kShmayA charati pari sA vRuNaktu naH |
sahasraM tE svapivAta bhEShajA mA nas tOkEShu tanayEShu rIriShaH || )


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

 Loosen Your weapons; Those (weapons) that are from the 
sky and move on the earth avoid us!
Oh the most Trustworthy! Heal us with Your thousands of medicines.
Do not hurt our children or posterity.


1. didyu - arrow; avasRuShTA - let loose;  divaspari - in the sky;
kSmayA - on the earth; parivRuNaktu - avoid; svapivAta - whose speech is trustworthy;
toka - children; tanaya - posterity; rIriShaH - hurt.

2. The miseries we undergo are classified into three.
AdyAtmika, Adibautika and Adidaivika.
These are caused by self, worldly things and divine respectively.
This hymn pray for protection from the miseries
caused by the forces beyond earth - divine.
(The first two are at least somewhat foreseeable. 
For the third one, only the prayer to God can help.)

3.  svapivAta 
Trustworthy, Authoritative.
Lord Shiva is the One Trustworthy, Who would help the life
from its mean stage to the glorious stage, standing by always
caring for us! 
c.f. இவரலாதில்லையோ பிரானார்! - சுந்தரர்


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