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Oh Supreme Shiva! Here Are My Two Requests! Prayer from Atmarpanastuti of Appayya Dikshitar

Prayer of the Day

Prayer in Sanskrit 


विहर पित्रुवनॆ वा विश्वपारॆ पुरॆ वा
    रजतगिरितटॆ वा रत्नसानुस्थलॆ वा ।
दिश भवदुपकण्ठं दॆहि मॆ भृत्यभावं
    परमशिव तव श्रीपादुकावाहकानाम् ॥ ४४ ॥

Shloka as Romanized text


vihara pitruvanE vA vishvapArE purE vA
    rajatagiri taTE vA ratna sAnu sthalE vA |
disha bhavadupakaNThaM dEhi mE bhRutyabhAvaM
    paramashiva tava shrIpAdukAvAhakAnAm || 44 ||

(vihara pitruvanE vA vishvapArE purE vA
    rajatagiritaTE vA ratnasAnusthalE vA |
disha bhavadupakaNThaM dEhi mE bhRutyabhAvaM
    paramashiva tava shrIpAdukAvAhakAnAm || 44 ||)

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 You be wandering in the cemetery 
or stay in the abode beyond the worlds;
You be on the slopes of the silver mount (Kailash)
or on the summit of ruby mount
- oh the Supreme Shiva, 
give me the proximity to You;
make me the servitor to those who carry Your holy Padhuka!


1. vihara - wandering; pitRuvana - cemetry; sAnu - summit;
disha - produces; upakaNTham - in the neighbourhood; 
bhRutya - servant.

2.  विहर पित्रुवनॆ वा विश्वपारॆ पुरॆ वा 
The place that is having the presence of the Lord is the Shivaloka.
How does it matter whether it is an abode beyond the worlds
or it is the cemetery, as long as one is enjoying the intimacy
with the Lord Shiva? 

c.f. நரகம் புகினும் எள்ளேன் திருவருளாலே இருக்கப்பெறின் - திருவாசகம் 

3. Appyya Dikshithar keeps two key requests to God
One is the intimacy with the Lord irrespective of what the
characteristics of the location is.
Other is to serve those who serve the Lord.
This inclination to serve the devotees in the high state
is reflected in the Shiva Gnana Bodha as well
"மாலற நேயம் மலிந்தவர் வேடமும்
 ஆலயம் தானும் அரன் எனத் தொழுமே"

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