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Oh Lord, Lead into Virtuous Path! - From Ishavasya upanishad

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Prayer from Isha Upanishad

अग्नॆ नय सुपथा रायॆ अस्मान् विश्वानि दॆव वयुनानि विद्वान् ।
युयॊध्यस्मज्जुहुराणमॆनो भूयिष्ठं तॆ नम उक्तिं विधॆम ॥ १८ ॥

Hymn as Romanized text


agnE naya supathA rAyE asmAn vishvAni dEva vayunAni vidvAn |
yuyOdhyasmajjuhurANamEno bhUyiShThaM tE nama uktiM vidhEma || 18 ||

(agnE naya supathA rAyE asmAn vishvAni dEva vayunAni vidvAn |
yuyOdhi asmat juhurANam Eno bhUyiShThaM tE nama uktiM vidhEma || )


Meaning of the Prayer Hymn:

 Oh Agni! Lead us into the virtuous path! 
Oh Divine! You are aware of all the deeds!
Remove the abundance of my croocked acts!
I offer the salutations expressively!


1. naya - conduct; supatha - virtuous path; vayunAni - deeds;
yuyodhi - fight; juhurANa - croocked act; bhUyiShTha - abundant; ukti - proclamation;
vidhEma - offer.

2.  agnE 
Agni here is the agni aspect of God.
(The same way as the sun was referred in two verses before.
Otherwise these two would appear uncorrelated.)
c.f. எரி ஈசனது உரு வருக்கம் - அப்பர்

3. In the previous hymn the seeker launched into the 
wisdom of the Supreme. It is a state of total surrender to God.
At this point, the Lord is to lead the seeker in all the seeker does
and lead in the virtuous path. The seeker concludes 
with this verse (end of Ishavasya upanishad) 
liberated, having offered self to Supreme.
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