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Mother earth makes wealth for devotees

Prayer from Rig Veda


यथा॑ नो॒ अदि॑ति॒ः कर॒त्पश्वे॒ नृभ्यो॒ यथा॒ गवे॑ ।

यथा॑ तो॒काय॑ रु॒द्रिय॑म् ॥


Mantra as Romanized text



yathA no aditiH karatpashve nRubhyo yathA gave |

yathA tokAya rudriyam ||


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

यथा॑ । नः॒ । अदि॑तिः । कर॑त् । पश्वे॑ । नृ-भ्यः॑ । यथा॑ । गवे॑ ॥ यथा॑ । तो॒काय॑ । रु॒द्रिय॑म् ॥

Due to which (Keeping Lord rudra in devotion at heart) the earth would make for us, the buffalos, the people, the cows, and the children the blessings of rudra (medicines).


1. Rudra aspect of God is praised as the Giver of medicine. Lord is the bhava auShadIshvara - He is the medicine that cures our birth-death cycle.
2. God's grace is not just for me and children. May the cows and buffalos too get the blessings of God.

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