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Light of Maya Helps Us Until Dawn!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


இருள்மல நிலை

விடிவாமளவும் விளக்கனைய மாயை 
வடிவாதி கன்மத்து வந்து   30

Song as Romanized text

iruLmala n-ilai

viDivAmaLavum viLakkanaiya mAyai
vaDivAthi kanmaththu van-thu   30

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 The Maya that is in the form of body etc,
resulting from the karma,
is the light until the dawn!


1.  வடிவாதி 
Body, instruments, worlds and the enjoyments that we are provided with.
(Tanu, karana, bhuvana, bhoga)
These are given to us according to the karma earned by us.

2.  விடிவாமளவும் விளக்கனைய மாயை 
Shaiva Siddhanta makes it clear that Maya is not a bad thing.
It is not the darkness. The veil of darkness is actually Anava.
Maya is indeed the light that we have been provided with by the God.
Under the influence of Anava the soul is by default in darkness.
The ultimate state for the soul is the dawn - the state enjoying 
the Bliss from Lord Shiva. In the transit, the soul is provided with
a light - that is Maya which manifests as the body, instruments, worlds
and the enjoyments that help the soul enjoy limited happiness
and travel towards the ultimate destination.

We hail the Mother Shakti as the cause of Maya.
She appears as the Maya or Grace depending upon
where we are in the journey.

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