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I Seek Your Grace! Prayer from Atmarpanastuti of Appayya Dikshitar

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Prayer in Sanskrit 


माता तातः सुत इति समाबध्य मां मॊहपशै
    रापात्यैवं भवजलनिधौ हा किमीश त्वयाऽऽप्तम् ।
एतावन्तं समयमियतीमार्तिमापादितॆऽस्मिन्
    कल्याणी तॆ किमिति न कृपा कापि मॆ भाग्यरॆखा ॥ ३४ ॥

Shloka as Romanized text


mAtA tAtaH suta iti samAbadhya mAM mOhapashai
    rApAtyaivaM bhavajalanidhau hA kimIsha tvayA&&ptam |
EtAvantaM samayamiyatImArtimApAditE&smin
    kalyANI tE kimiti na kRupA kApi mE bhAgyarEkhA || 34 ||

(mAtA tAtaH suta iti samAbadhya mAM mOha pashair
    ApAtya ivaM bhava jala nidhau hA kimIsha tvayA Aptam |
EtAvantaM samayam iyatIm Artim ApAditE asmin
    kalyANI tE kimiti na kRupA kApi mE bhAgya rEkhA || )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Oh Lord! By pushing me into the sea of births bound 
by the ropes of desire like - mother, father, children, 
what benefit did You get? Alas!
So long, I am rewarded with so much of miseries.
Don't Your Meritorious nature not show the Grace on me?
Don't I have even an iota of fortune?


1. samAbadhya - bound; pAsha - rope; ApAtya - assaulted; nidhi - sea;
EtAvantam - this; iyat - so large; ApAdita - given.

2. This song represents the way we lament with God.
We have heard that God is meritorious. Still there is pain in us.
So, we lament to God. "How come You are not taking care of me?"
We only try to drain our frustration through this. In reality God is helping us
always! (See If God is Omniscient, Omnipotent and Gracious, Why Do We Suffer?)

c.f. ஏசினும் யான் உன்னை ஏத்தினும் என் பிழைக்கே குழைந்து
   வேசறுவேனை விடுதி கண்டாய் - திருவாசகம்

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