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I do not have any other refuge. God is the only refuge! Prayer from Atmarpanastuti of Appayya Dikshitar

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Prayer in Sanskrit 


सर्वं सदाशिव सहस्व ममापराधं
    मग्नं समुद्धर महत्यमुमापदब्धौ ।
सर्वात्मना तव पादाम्बुजमॆव दीनः
    स्वामिन्ननन्यशरणः शरणं प्रपद्यॆ ॥ ४९ ॥

Shloka as Romanized text


sarvaM sadAshiva sahasva mamAparAdhaM
    magnaM samuddhara mahatyamumApadabdhau |
sarvAtmanA tava pAdAmbujamEva dInaH
    svAminnananyasharaNaH sharaNaM prapadyE || 49 ||

(sarvaM sadAshiva sahasva mama aparAdhaM
    magnaM samuddhara mahat amum Apadabdhau |
sarvAtmanA tava pAdAmbujam Eva dInaH
    svAmin ananyasharaNaH sharaNaM prapadyE || )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Oh Sadashiva! Please forbear all my faults!
Lift me, the one sunk in the ocean of deep misery, up!
Oh Master, I, the miserable one without any other refuge,
resort to Your lotus Feet only as the refuge, 
offering all things including the self!


1. magnam - sunk; amum - me; Apadabdhau - ocean of haste.

2.  Apadabdhau 
Apat - haste. Life is a ocean in which we are so busy doing
things which either does not matter or which take us deeper into the misery
like the one working faster in the quagmire gets deeper into it!
What is needed is understanding of the goal of life, as the Bliss 
blessed by Lord Shiva and orient ourselves towards it.

c.f. வேகம் கெடுத்து ஆண்ட வேந்தன் அடி வெல்க - திருவாசகம்

3.  sarvAtmanA 
Through everything including Atman the self. 
Apayya Dikshithar here surrenders himself to Lord Shiva offering 
everything including the self to the Supreme. 
As the penultimate song this offering of the self gives the apt
title for this hymn as Atmarpanastuti.

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