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How God Took Various Aspects and Our Relationship with God

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Rig Veda

ऋषि    :    नारायण 
दॆवता    :    पुरुषः
छन्दस्    :    अनुष्टुप्

तस्मा॑द्वि॒राळ॑जायत वि॒राजॊ॒ अधि॒ पूरु॑षः ।
स जा॒तॊ अत्य॑रिच्यत प॒श्चाद्भूमि॒मथॊ॑ पु॒रः ॥ १०.९०.५ ॥

Mantra as Romanized text

RuShi    :    Narayana
Aspect Hailed:    Purusha
Chandas    :    Anushtup


tasmAdvirALajAyata virAjO adhi pUruShaH |
sa jAtO atyarichyata pashchAdbhUmimathO puraH || 10.90.5 ||

( tasmAt virAT ajAyata virAjO adhi pUruShaH |
sa jAtO ati arichyata pashchAt bhUmim athO puraH ||  )


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

 From that Being the Luminescence came;
From the Luminescence came the Supreme Form;
He brought out (the creations) being separate from (the creations);
Later, the earth and other worlds (got created).


1. virAT - Splendor / Luminescence; arichya - separate from.

2. Till this mantra the Purusha Sukta mantras revealed the 
way how God is omnipresent and His glory.

Here, the mantra starts to talk about the creation.

3.  tasmAdvirALajAyata virAjO adhi pUruShaH 
God, in Its own nature is beyond forms. It is called Parashiva.
That Parashiva, out of Its mercy, appears as the Supreme 
Luminescence or Jyoti Svarupa. This Jyoti Svarupa or form of light
is what we worship at the core of Shaiva Dharma as Sadashiva murti
or Shivalinga. Further from this Jyoti Svarupa, the God took the glorious
Forms, which are called the Maheshwara Murthams.

Shaivism has the speciality of worshipping God in all these three aspects
- The Formless, the Form of Light and the vivid Forms.

4.  sa jAtO ati arichyata 
A very important point on the relationship of God with the world is being made here.
So far, it was emphasized that God is omnipresent. Does it mean God is also
bound to everything that we undergo? No. While being omnipresent, God is 
distinct from us or any of the creations. 

God stays with us - in union, in association and as separate as well.
It is a unique relationship where the togetherness spans all these aspects.
c.f. a. ஈறாய்முத லொன்றாயிரு பெண்ணாண்குண மூன்றாய்    
மாறாமறை நான்காய்வரு பூதம்மவை ஐந்தாய்    
ஆறார்சுவை ஏழோசையொ டெட்டுத்திசை தானாய்    
வேறாய்உடன் ஆனான்இடம் வீழிம்மிழ லையே.    1.11.2

b. திருப்பெருந்துறையுறை சிவனே 
ஒன்றும் நீயல்லை அன்றியொன் றில்லை 
யாருன்னை அறியகிற்பாரே - திருவாசகம்

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