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How Focused Is Your Worship?

Prayer of the Day

Prayer song in Tamil


            - பட்டிணத்துப் பிள்ளையார் 
Padal as Romanized text


kaiyonRu seyya viziyonRu n-ADak karuththonRu eNNap
poyyonRu vanjchaka n-AvonRu pEsap pulAl kamazu
meyyonRu sArach cheviyonRu kATka virumbumiyAn
seykinRa pUsai evvARu koLvAy vinay thIrththavanE.
            - paTTiNaththup piLLaiyar

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

Hand doing something; Eye seeking something;
Mind thinking something; Deceitful tongue saying something;
Flesh stinking body relying on something; Ears listening to something;
How will you accept my eager Puja? Oh the One Who nullified my karma!


1. What a lovely and eager Puja we are doing to the Lord.
The Puja should be the expression of the brimming love in our
mind through the process of worship where all the three elements of
mind, speech and body are focussed on the Lord Shiva.

However, if our hands are doing the Puja, but
mind is actively thinking something else with all
distractions pulling the eyes, ears and the five senses 
in different directions, what kind of ardent worship would that be
and how will the Lord accept it? 

Worship of the Lord is not a "one" other thing to do.
Be it in the temple or be it at home, when we get to the worship
switch off all other distractions and focus totally on the worship
for whatever duration possible. Until leaving the place of worship 
do not encourage any distractions. This is the Tapas. This focus
will get you definitely the Grace of Lord Shiva.

c.f. ஒல்லையாறி உள்ளமொன்றிக் கள்ளம்ஒழிந் துவெய்ய 
சொல்லையாறித் தூய்மைசெய்து காமவினை யகற்றி 
நல்லவாறே உன்றன்நாமம் நாவில்நவின் றேத்த 
வல்லவாறே வந்துநல்காய் வலிவலமே யவனே

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