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Holy Five Letters

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Prayer from Unmai Vilakkam




அஞ்செழுத்தே ஆகமமும் அண்ணல் அருமறையும்

அஞ்செழுத்தே ஆதி புராணம் அனைத்தும் - அஞ்செழுத்தே

ஆனந்தத் தாண்டவமும் ஆறாறுக்கு அப்பாலாம்

மோனந்த மாமுத்தி யும்.




Song as Romanized text




anjchezuththE Agamamum aNNal arumaRaiyum

anjchezuththE Adhi purANam anaiththum - anjchezuththE

Anan-thath thANdavamum ARARukku appAlAm

mOnan-tha mAmuththi yum.




Meaning of the Prayer Song:


 The Holy Five Syllables (Letters) are the Shivagamas

as well as the precious vedas provided by the Supreme.

The Holy Five Letters are the complete primary puranas.

The Holy Five Letters are the Blissful Dance and

the ultimate-silent-great-liberation transcending the 36 (tattvas).




1. The essence of the complete vedas is expressed in the

Sri rudra sUkta. That holds teh Holy Five Letters namaHshivAya.

2. Shivagamas hail the panchakshara at length.

3. Very important point to note is "All the purANas are Holy

Five Letters". One may wonder whether all the primary puranas

hail Lord shiva. It should be noted very clearly that all the 18 puranas

are the praise of Lord shiva. Those could here and there praise

the various divines, but that is all as good as hailing the devotees

and aspects of God. Devotees should approach the 18 puranas

with this perspective in mind. Sri Gnanasambandhar declares in thiruppAsuram

"bhUtha mudhalvan muthlE muthalAp polin^tha

cUthan oli mAlai enRE kalikkOvai collE"

(As the Supremacy of Lord of the (five) bhutAs (Lord shiva),

as the primary, Suta who told the purANas...)



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