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Got A Lot of Wealth?

Prayer of the Day

Prayer song in Tamil


பிறக்கும் பொழுது கொடுவந்ததில்லை பிறந்து மண்மேல்
இறக்கும் பொழுது கொடுபோவதில்லை இடைநடுவிற்
குறிக்கும் இச்செல்வம் சிவன் தந்தது என்று கொடுக்கறியாது
இறக்கும் குலாமருக்கு என் சொல்லுவேன் கச்சி ஏகம்பனே 
            - பட்டிணத்துப் பிள்ளையார் 
Padal as Romanized text


piRakkum pozuthu koDuvan-thathillai piRan-thu maNmEl
iRakkum pozuthu koDupOvathillai iDai n-aDuvil
kuRikkum ichchelvam civan than-thathu enRu koDukkaRiyAthu
iRakkum kulAmarukku en solluvEn kachchi EkambanE
            - paTTiNaththup piLLaiyar

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

There is nothing that was brought when born;
There is nothing that will be taken along when dying on earth;
In between whatever wealth that is earned is given by Lord Shiva
- without realizing so, the misers who die not knowing to give
- what shall I tell them! Oh Ekambareshwara of Kanchi!


1. kulAmar - miser.

2. We brought nothing into this world and can carry no
material from this world when we die. We all also very 
firmly know that we will die one day or the other. 
Having known all these, still how much possessive we are
to the wealth that we call ours! To even part a small portion
for the dharmic purpose, how many second thoughts and reluctance
that sets in! 

(There is a nice satirical song Bhoja wrote to his uncle Munja,
who wanted to kill Bhoja to retain the kingdom

मान्धाता च महीपतिः कृतयुगालङ्कारभूतो गतः सेतुर्येन महोदधौ विरचितः क्वासौ दशास्यान्तकः | 
अन्ये चापि युधिष्ठिरप्रभृतयो याता दिवं भूपते नैकेनापि समं गता वसुमती मुञ्ज त्वया यास्यति ||

The Emperor Maadhaantha, who adorned the Earth in Krutha Yuga, died. 
Sri Rama, the slayer of Ravana, the one who built the bridge on the ocean died; 
Then Nala, Harishchandra, Bhagiratha, Dharmaraja and all great emperors have passed away. 
But, with none of these did mother earth follow to the heavens. 
But, oh Munja!  This earth shall unmistakably follow you to the heavens. )

The reason we are born in this world is to gain the maturity/attitude to
rejoice the liberation/Bliss Lord Shiva provides. This is to be achieved 
before the body is lost to death. All the material wealth that is earned
is basically to fuel the spiritual journey. Anything that is in excess 
to the journey, should be leveraged for dharmic purpose, which will
elevate us spiritually. Those who do not realize this fundamental,
spend their whole life earning and protecting the earning without
either leveraging their body or wealth!

c.f. a. பூக்கைக்கொண்டு அரன் பொன்னடி போற்றிலார் 
நாக்கைக் கொண்டு அரன் நாமம் நவில்கிலார் 
ஆக்கைக்கே யிரை தேடி அலமந்து 
காக்கைக்கே யிரையாகிக் கழிவரே

b. தாழ்வெனுந் தன்மை விட்டுத்    
     தனத்தையே மனத்தில் வைத்து    
வாழ்வதே கருதித் தொண்டர்    
    மறுமைக்கொன் றீய கில்லார்    
ஆழ்குழிப் பட்ட போது    
    வலக்கணில் ஒருவர்க் காவர் - சுந்தரமூர்த்தி சுவாமிகள் 

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