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God Vs Demon?

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


உயிர் விளக்கம்

ஒளியும் இருளும் ஒருமைத்துப் பன்மை 
தெளிவு தெளியார் செயல்  64

Song as Romanized text

Uyir Vilakkam

oLiyum iruLum orumaiththup panmai 
theLivu theLiyAr seyal    64

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Both Light and darkness are together.
Those who identify them as different are the unclear!


1. It is funny to watch the good versus evil, god versus satan
dogmas of some of the people. The moment there is a statement
that there is God and another thing/being where there is no God,
the Omnipresent nature of God becomes questionable. 

Those, who consider the light of God and veil of darkness to be
mutually exclusive different, they are still unclear of the fundamental.

In us both the veil of darkness exists as well as the light of God exists.
All that changes through the process of liberation is with what we are identifying
ourselves with.

We under the veil of darkness and illusion identify ourselves with the
materials. Later as the wisdom grows we realize ourselves to be a spiritual
being apart form the material. Finally realizing the shortcoming of our limited
self, we identify ourselves with the all Blissful Gracious God and we forget
our limited identity. There we stand liberated - eternally blissful.

What has changed? Well, no one killed anyone else! All that existed,
continues to exist. The only shift is attitude - the identity.
Instead of identifying ourselves as the parasitic darkness,
we forget ourselves in the Bliss of God!

Those who do not understand this, wander in their imaginary fairy tales
god vs demons.

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