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God Gives Prosperity, Removes Darkness, Clears Hurdles!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Rig Veda

ऋषि    :    बार्हस्पत्यः शंयुः
दॆवता    :    इन्द्र
छन्दस्    :    प्रगाथः

त्वामिद्धि हवा॑महॆ सा॒ता वाज॑स्य का॒रवः॑ ।
त्वां वृ॒त्रॆष्वि॑न्द्र॒ सत्प॑तिं॒ नर॒स्त्वां काष्ठा॒स्वर्व॑तः ॥ ६.४५.१ ॥

Mantra as Romanized text

RuShi    :    BarhaspatyaH shamyuH
Aspect Hailed:    Indra
Chandas    :    Pragatha


tvAmiddhi havAmahE sAtA vAjasya kAravaH |
tvAM vRutrEShvindra satpatiM narastvAM kAShThAsvarvataH || 6.45.1 ||

( tvAmiddhi havAmahE sAtA vAjasya kAravaH |
tvAM vRutrEShu indra satpatiM naraH tvAM kAShThAsu arvataH || )


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

 Oh the Resplendent Lord, we invoke only You with the offering.
You are the giver of prosperity! 
You protect the virtuous from the veil of darkness!
You remove the hurdles of the human life!


1. sAtA - gift; vAja - wealth; kAShThAsu - excellently; kAShThasu - hurdles; arvata - remove.

2. This is a mantra that appears in the all four vedas.
In the Sameveda the Bruhat Sama is sung on this mantra.

3.  tvAmiddhi havAmahE 
We invoke only You! 
- Emphasizes the point that Vedas address the only God through different names.

4. God gives the prosperity;
God removes the veil of darkness around us;
God also removes the impediments that come in our spiritual journey!

5. c.f. நின்னடியார் இடர் களையாய் நெடுங்களம் மேயவனே

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