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God Beyond Imagination! - From Kenopanishad

From Kenopanishad

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Kena Upanishad

यन्मनसा न मनुतॆ यॆनाहुर् मनॊ मतम् ।
तदॆव ब्रह्म त्वं विद्धि नॆदं यदिदमुपासतॆ ॥ ६ ॥

Hymn as Romanized text


yanmanasA na manutE yEnAhur manO matam |
tadEva brahma tvaM viddhi nEdaM yadidamupAsatE || 6 ||

(yat manasA na manutE yEna Ahur manO matam |
tat Eva brahma tvaM viddhi nEdaM yat idam upAsatE ||  )


Meaning of the Prayer Hymn:

 That, which cannot thought of by the mind,
by the order of Which the mind thinks,
realize that That alone is the All-pervading;
Not this, that is worshipped here!


1. manutE - to think; Ahur - call/order

2. Mind is a very powerful instrument that can
even synthesize things that did not exist before.
In fact human get the name "manuShya" because of
the capability of "mana" - ability to think. 
Even for such a powerful instrument Brahman is not
capturable. Rather it is the Brahman that energizes the mind!

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