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God, Bestow Us with Wisdom

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Prayer from Rig Veda

ए॒वा ब॑भ्रॊ वृषभ चॆकितान॒ यथा॑ दॆव॒ न हृ॑णी॒षॆ न हंसि॑ ।
ह॒व॒न॒श्रुन्नॊ॑ रुद्रॆ॒हबॊ॑धि बृ॒हद्व॑दॆम वि॒दथॆ॑सु॒वीराः॑ ॥ २.३३.१५ ॥

Mantra as Romanized text


evA babhrO vRuShabha chEkitAna yathA dEva na hRuNIShE na haMsi |
havanashrunnO rudrEhabOdhi bRuhadvadEma vidathEsuvIrAH || 2.33.15 ||

(evA babhrO vRuShabha chEkitAna yathA dEva na hRuNIShE na haMsi |
havana shrunnO rudrEhabOdhi bRuhad vadEma vidathE suvIrAH || )


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

 Oh the Golden! The Mighty! The omniscient! The Divine!
Without getting angry or hurting, listen to our prayer,
oh Lord Rudra, instruct! We are telling Your Greatness
in the congregation of the brave.


1. eva - indeed; babhru - reddish; vRuShabha - mighty;  
chEkitAna - intelligent / omniscient; hRuNi - anger;
havan - call; bOdhi - instruct; bRuhat - great; vadEma - telling;
vidatha - congregation.

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