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Glory of Vedantic Shaiva Siddhanta

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Prayer from Shivaprakasam 


புறச்சமயத்தவர்க்கு இருளாய் அகச்சமயத்து ஒளியாய்
    புகல் அளவைக்கு அளவாகிப் பொற்பணிபோல் அபேதப்
பிறப்பிலதாய் இருள்வெளிபோல் பேதமும் சொற்பொருள்போல்
    பேதாபேதமும் இன்றிப் பெருநூல் சொன்ன 
அறத்திறனால் விளைவதாய் உடலுயிர்கண் அருக்கன்
    அறிவொளிபோல் பிறிவரும் அத்துவிதமாகும்
சிறப்பினதாய் வேதாந்தத் தெளிவாம் சைவ
    சித்தாந்தத் திறன் இங்கு தெரிக்கலுற்றாம்.

Song as Romanized text


puRachchamayaththavarkku iruLAy akachchamayaththu oLiyAy
    pukal aLavaikku aLavAkip poRpaNipOl abEthap
piRappilathAy iruLveLipOl bEthamum soRporuLpOl
    bEthAbEthamum inRip perun-Ul sonna 
aRaththiRanAl viLaivathAy udaluyirkaN arukkan
    aRivoLipOl piRivarum aththuvithamAkum
siRappinathAy vEthAn-thath theLivAm saiva
    siththAn-thath thiRan ingku therikkaluRRAm.

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

Darkness to people of alien religions;
Light to people of inside religions;
Limit to the (philosophical) measures;
Not incarnating as the variety - non distinct
- like the gold becoming ornaments;
Neither distinct as the light and darkness;
Nor having characteristic of both distinct and indistinct
- like the word and its meaning;
Resulting from the dharma told in the great scripture;
Special as inseparable non-duality
- like the feeling the body and soul gets
- like the sunlight (external) and eye-sight (internal)
(helping to see objects);
Quintessence of Vedanta;
That glory of Shaiva Siddhanta, is elucidated here.


1. puRachchamayam
Those religions that do not accept Vedas and Shivagamas.
2. Agachchamayam
Those religions that hail both Vedas and Shivagamas.
Various compartments of Shaiva - which accept both
these holy scripture, but differ philosophically.
3. bedha, abedha, bedhabedha
Three schools of thoughts refuted here are:
abedha - Those who say God, souls and world are 
one and the same. The world is God itself 
- like how the same gold becomes various ornaments;
bedha - Those who say the three (God, soul, and world) 
totally different like darkness and light.
bedhabedha - Neither distinct nor indistinct
like the word and its meaning they are associated.

Shaiva Siddhanta is neither of the three schools mentioned above.
(While the metaphor word and its meaning would
fit for shiva and shakti who are one and the same 
but act differently, it is not the relationship between God and soul)
4. vEthAn-thath theLivAm saiva siththAn-tham
Vedanta and Shaiva Siddhanta show the path to the
same Supreme. In fact Shaiva Siddhanta is the essense
and clear exposition of Vedantic wisdom.
c.f. இரண்டந்தம் பேதமது என்பர் பெரியோர்க்கு அபேதமே - 10ம் திருமுறை
வேதப்பயனாம் சைவம் - 12ம் திருமுறை

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