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Forms of Shiva Make You Realize What You Cannot Through Books!

Forms of Shiva Make You Realize What You Cannot Through Books!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Sampandhar Dhevaram 


திருஞானசம்பந்தர் அருளிய தேவாரம்
தலம்    :    திருந்துதேவன்குடி
பண்    :    கொல்லி
மூன்றாம் திருமுறை


வீதி போக்காவன வினையை வீட்டுவ்வன
ஓதி ஓர்க்கப் படாப் பொருளை ஓர்விப்பன
தீதில் தேவன்குடித் தேவர்தேவெய்திய
ஆதி அந்தம் இலா அடிகள் வேடங்களே.


Song as Romanized text

thirunjAnasampanthar aruLiya thEvAram
thalam    :    thirunthuthEvankuDi
paN    :    Kolli
Third thirumuRai


vIthi pOkkAvana vinaiyai vIttuvvana
Othi Orkkap padAp poruLai Orvippana
thIthil thEvankudith dhEvardhEveythiya
Athi an-tham ilA adikaL vEdangkaLE.


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 The Forms of the Boundless Reverend Lord,
the Divine of the divines at faultless Thirundhudhevankudi:
Give room for all analysis;
Liberate from the karma;
Make realize things that are not realized through learning!


1. vIthiththal - to analyse; Orthal - to realize; 
aDikaL - Reverend.

2.  வீதி போக்காவன 
Give room for analysis.
The manifestations of God Shiva can accommodate
and still stand beyond whatever depth of analysis one 
wants to do. They are so simple and at the same time
so much sophisticated in philosophical terms.
These are the boundless forms of the Lord.

3.  ஓதி ஓர்க்கப் படாப் பொருளை ஓர்விப்பன 
Brilliant expression of the glory of the Forms of the God.
Whatever one learns through all the hard means - 
it stays only as knowledge but the realization does not set in. 
It is the glorious forms of Lord Shiva that make the subtle and
supreme principles to be realized! It cannot be explained.
It has to be realized.

4. The forms of God are boundless. They are glorious.
They are the Grace of the Supreme on us. 
Let us hail the vivid forms of Lord Shiva.

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