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Don't lament! Worship!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer song in Tamil


நாடிக்கொண்டு ஈசரை நாட்டமுற்றாயிலை; நாதரடி
தேடிக் கொண்டாடித் தெளிந்தாயிலை; செகமாயை வந்து
மூடிக்கொண்டோம் என்றும் காமாயுதங்கள் முனிந்தவென்றும்
பீடிப்பையோ நெஞ்சமே உனைப்போல் இல்லை பித்தர்களே
            - பட்டிணத்துப் பிள்ளையார் 
Padal as Romanized text


n-ADikoNDu Isarai n-ATTamuRRAyilai; n-AtharaDi
thEDik koNDADith theLin-thAyilai; segamAyai van-thu
mUDikkoNDOm enRum kAmAyuthangkaL munin-thavenRum
pIDippaiyO n-enychamE unaippOl illai piththarkaLE
            - paTTiNaththup piLLaiyar

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

You did not turn in zeal towards the Ishwara!
You did not get in the pursuit of the Lord's Foot and celebrating It, did not get clear!
Oh my mind, will you keep whining, "We got wrapped into the maya!",
"The arsenal of desire/Kama are on the attack"!
There is none as mad as you!


1. We have a tendency to whine and crib - about our misfortune!
We do this because we know what is the right thing to do,
but we are unwilling to move forward in that path for whatever excuse!
We appease our guilt consciousness with all these laments.
"I want to do regular puja. However, my occupation does not allow."
"I want to go to temple. But, there are so many commitments, I can't"
While it may be true in some cases, many times when we sincerely analyze, these are some excuses.
Blaming the fate is just escapism.

Instead of that to whatever extent  possible, can we resolve to 
worship Lord Shiva? Can we resolve to seek the divine knowledge regularly?
That would go a long way in making the life fruitful.

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