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Can We Exist Without Your Grace? - Prayer from Thayumanvar Songs

Prayer of the Day

Prayer song in Tamil


வித்தன்றி யாதும் விளைவதுண்டோ நின்னருளாம்
சித்தன்றி யாங்களுண்டோ செப்பாய் பராபரமே

Padal as Romanized text


viththanRi yAthum viLaivathuNDO n-innaruLAm
chiththanRi yAN-gaLuNDO seppAy parAparamE

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

Can anything grow without a seed?
Can we exist without the Conscience that is Your Grace?
Oh Supreme, answer!


1. chit - conscience/intelligence.

2. Unless the Supreme showed the Grace 
and through Its Conscience created the worlds,
how can we all beings live?

God did not create all beings from Itself.
By Its sankalpa that sprang out of the Grace
the creation began. Because of the creation,
we all got the instruments to act. Without which
we would have to be inert. 

How do we thank the Grace that took us out of the inertness
and gave life?!

c.f. கருவினாலன்றியே கருவெலாம் ஆயவன் - சம்பந்தர்

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