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Can I Say No To God?

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Sundarar Thevaram


சுந்தரர் அருளிய தேவாரம் 
தலம்    :    திருவெண்ணெய் நல்லூர் 
ஏழாம் திருமுறை 


தண்ணார் மதிசூடீ தழல்போலும் திருமேனீ
எண்ணார் புரமூன்றும் எரியுண்ண நகை செய்தாய்
மண்ணார் பெண்ணைத் தென்பால் வெண்ணெய் நல்லூர் அருட்டுறையுள்
அண்ணா உனக்காளாய் இனி அல்லேன் எனலாமே.


Song as Romanized text


Sundharar Thevaram
Thalam    :    Thiruvennai Nallur
Seventh Thirumurai


thaNNAr mathisUdI thazalpOlum thirumEnI
eNNAr puramUnRum eriyuNNa n-akai seythAy
maNNAr peNNaith thenpAl veNNey n-allUr arudduRaiyuL
aNNA unakkALAy ini allEn enalAmE.


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Oh the One crowned with cool moon!
The One with form like the fire!
You smiled burning down the dwellings of the thoughtless (daemons)!
Oh the Superior at the Port of Grace in Thiruvenney Nallur 
on the southern bank sandy pennai river,
can I say "no" any further, being Your subject?


1. Sundharar having vehemently opposed the Lord, 
Who came as an old man, that he cannot be a slave,
got the revelation that the person is indeed the Supreme.
The association of which God, the sages long for
and all his life he has been dedicating to,
for that Lord can he say "No", now?
The loving devotee cries, can I say "No" again to You?!

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