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Before your tongue trembles do this!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Kshetra Thiruvenpa of Aiyadigal Kadavarkon (11th Thirumurai) 



கடுவடுத்த நீர்கொடுவா காடிதா என்று
நடுநடுத்து நாவடங்கா முன்னம் - பொடியடுத்த
பாழ்கோட்டஞ் சேராமுன் பன்மாடத் தென்குடந்தைக்
கீழ்க்கோட்டஞ் செப்பிக் கிட.

Song as Romanized text



kaduvaduththa n-IrkoduvA kAdithA enRu
n-adun-aduththu n-AvadangkA munnam - podiyaduththa
pAzkOttanj sErAmun panmAdath thenkudan-thaik
kIzkkOttanj seppik kida.


Meaning of the Prayer Song:

Before tongue trembles and succumbs saying,
"Get the Kadukkai water! Give the gruel!"
Before reaching the ruined place covered in ash (cemetery),
keep chanting the beautiful Kudandhaik Kizkottam 
adorned with multi-story buildings.


1. Through Kshetra Thiruvenpa AiyadikaL Kadavarkon
strongly delivers the message, "The life of material pursuit
is useless and seeking the Grace of Lord shiva is the 
essence of life."
  This great saint not just preached. He lived the life and
enlightened us. He was the great Pallava emperor ruling 
vast parts of Tamilnadu. He quit the throne and wandered 
as a monk on pilgrimage singing one song at every temple.
2. kAdi - fermented rice water (பழஞ்சோற்றுக் கஞ்சி)
3. kudanthaik kIzkkOttam
One of the Padal petra sthalam


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