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As the Rivers Reach the Ocean, the Salutations Go to Shiva Prayer from Shruti Sukti Mala of Haradattacharya

Prayer of the Day

Prayer in Sanskrit 


दॆव त्वदॆकविषयानि नमांसि पुंसां
  यस्मै नमश्श्रुतिबलादवधारयामः |
दॆवान्तरॆषु विहितान्यपि तान्यमूनि
  स्रॊतांसि सागर इव त्वयि संपतन्ति || १० || 
Shloka as Romanized text


dEva tvadEkaviShayANi namAMsi puMsAM
  yasmai namashshrutibalAdavadhArayAmaH |
dEvAntarEShu vihitAnyapi tAnyamUni
   srOtAMsi sAgara iva tvayi saMpatanti || 10 ||
(dEva tvat Eka viShayANi namAMsi puMsAM
  yasmai namaH shruti balAt avadhArayAmaH |
dEvAntarEShu vihitAni api tAni amUni
   srOtAMsi sAgara iva tvayi saMpatanti ||  )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Oh Divine! We are going to firmly ascertain 
that Namaskaram is to be done only to You by the men
through the Namaskarams told in the Vedas.
Even when there are stray ones said for the divines,
like the rivers that reach the ocean, those all reach You!


1. avadhAraya - ascertain; srOtAMsi - rivers.

2.  srOtAMsi sAgara iva tvayi saMpatanti
All the Namaskarams ultimately reaches Lord Shiva only.

Lord Shiva is the One, Who energizes everyone from divines 
to humans to any life to act. Without His Grace even the 
king of divines the Indra would be unable to act. This is 
established firmly by the Kenopanishad. 
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