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Appearance of God to dispel the ignorance! - From Kenopanishad

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Kena Upanishad

तद्धैषां विजज्ञौ, तॆभ्यॊ ह प्रादुर्बभूव ।
तन्न व्यजानत किमिदं यक्षमिति ॥ ३.२ ॥

Hymn as Romanized text


taddhaiShAM vijaj~jau, tEbhyO ha prAdurbabhUva |
tanna vyajAnata kimidaM yakShamiti || 3.2 ||

(tat EShAM vijaj~jau, tEbhyO ha prAdurbabhUva |
tat na vyajAnata kim idaM yakSham iti ||  )


Meaning of the Prayer Hymn:

 Knowing this, It came in front of them.
Not able to realize It, they wondered who that holy spirit was!


1. vija~jau - knowing; prAdur - in front of; vyajAnata - knowing.

2. The parts three and four of the Kena upanishad uses an
incident to explain the Omnipresent. Here the story continues from 
the previous hymn.

God knowing the thinking of the divines that their glory got them victory
ignoring the Omnipresent, appeared in front of the divines in the 
yaksha form - holy spirit.

The divines were unable to realize the Lord and started to wonder who it was.

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