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An Ancient Association

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Thiruvarutpayan (திருவருட்பயன்) 


உயிரவை நிலை

மூன்று திறத்துள்ளாரும் மூலமலத்துள்ளார்கள்
தோன்றலர் தொத்துள்ளார் துணை. 13

Song as Romanized text


uyiravai n-ilai

mUnRu thiRaththuLLArum mUlamalaththuLLArkaL
thOnRalar thoththuLLAr thuNai. 13

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 (All) the three types of souls are in the original filth.
That is the association even before they got births.


1. thoththu - old.

2.  mUnRu thiRaththuLLArum mUlamalaththuLLArkaL
The three types of souls described in the previous song
- sakala, pralayakala and vinjyanakala - all have the original filth
that is Anava. 

3.  thOnRalar thoththuL Ar thuNai 
The Anava mala which is common among all the three
types of souls, is an ancient association for the soul
even before the soul took form - birth!
c.f. பதியினைப் போல் பசுபாசம் அனாதி - திருமந்திரம்

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