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All Vedic Salutations Only for the Association with God Prayer from Shruti Sukti Mala of Haradattacharya

Prayer of the Day

Prayer in Sanskrit 


त्वत्सन्निकर्षकृत एव नमः प्रयोगः
    प्रायो वसीयसि यवीयसि दृश्यमानः |
श्रैष्ठप्रयुक्त इति कल्पयितुं न शक्यम्
    अश्रेयसामपि नमाम्सि निदर्शितानि || २० ||  

Shloka as Romanized text


tvatsannikarShakRuta Eva namaH prayOgaH 
    prAyO vasIyasi yavIyasi dRushyamAnaH |
shraiShThaprayukta iti kalpayituM na shakyam
    ashrEyasAmapi namAmsi nidarshitAni || 20 ||
( tvat sannikarSha kRuta Eva namaH prayOgaH 
    prAyO vasIyasi yavIyasi dRushyamAnaH |
shraiShTha prayukta iti kalpayituM na shakyam
    ashrEyasAm api namAmsi nidarshitAni || )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 The Namah salutation is done only in Your connection.
We see it (namah) for both esteemed and mean things.
It cannot be imagined that the greatness is told (in those cases),
since we see that even the disdained things are told Namah salutation!


1. sannikarSha - association; prAyaH - mostly; 
vasIyasi - esteemed things; yavIyasi - mean things.

2. The Vedic salutations are always because of the association 
to Lord Shiva. 

One would question that statement and say other adorable things
get saluted too. However, a closer look reveals that the Vedas 
salute both the esteemed and disdained things. For example
namaH sabhApatibhya (salutations to the chairperson)
namaH shvabhya (salutations to the dogs)

It is highly contrasting. An esteemed role is saluted
and also the not so esteemed dog is saluted. 

This would make no sense, unless the Vedas make us see the
Supreme God in both the chairperson and the dog and salute that Supreme.

That is indeed the essence of Rudra Sukta - to see God in everything
 - good or bad, great or mean. Due to this great wisdom that it imparts
it is chanted everyday even while the rest of the Vedas may not be.
It is also called Rudropanishad for the very same reason. 

So, in essence all the salutations in Vedas are not for any discrete
thing/being, but only to the Supreme Lord Shiva.
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