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All These Are Glory of God!

Prayer of the Day

Prayer from Rig Veda

ऋषि    :    नारायण 
दॆवता    :    पुरुषः
छन्दस्    :    अनुष्टुप्

ए॒तावा॑नस्य महि॒मातॊ॒ ज्यायाँ॑श्च॒ पूरु॑षः ।
पादॊ॑ऽस्य॒ विश्वा॑ भूतानि॑ त्रि॒पाद॑स्या॒मृतं॑ दि॒वि ॥ १०.९०.३ ॥

Mantra as Romanized text

RuShi    :    Narayana
Aspect Hailed:    Purusha
Chandas    :    Anushtup


etAvAnasya mahimAtO jyAyA~Mshcha pUruShaH |
pAdO&sya vishvA bhUtAni tripAdasyAmRutaM divi || 10.90.3 ||

( etAvAn asya mahima atO jyAyAn cha pUruShaH |
pAdo asya vishvA bhUtAni tripAdasya amRutaM divi ||   )


Meaning of the Prayer Mantra:

 Such (everything you see) is His glory!
Indeed (the glory of the) Being is (much) greater!
A smaller part is this world and creations;
Much larger is beyond in the heavens!


1. EtAvAn - such; jyAya - greater.

2. All these creations, everything that we see are indeed the glory of God.
Is the glory of God limited to what we perceive here? Absolutely not.
It is much beyond. In fact we perceive a small portion of His glory here.
The rest of the glory of Lord Shiva is much beyond our limits!!

c.f. கற்ற நூல் கருத்தும் நீ அருத்தம் இன்பம் என்றிவை
முற்றும் நீ புகழ்ந்து முன் உரைப்பதென் முகம்மனே

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