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If All the Salutations are for Lord Shiva, Why do Vedas Say Salutations to Many? Prayer from Shruti Sukti Mala of Haradattacharya

Prayer of the Day

Prayer in Sanskrit 


तस्मै नमो भवतु यत्र निषीदसीति
    सर्वं नमस्यमनया तु दिशा महॆश ।
अप्यॊषधीः प्रति नमॊ वयमामनामॊ
    दॆहीव दॆहमधितिष्टसि यॆन सर्वम् ॥ १७ ॥ 

Shloka as Romanized text


tasmai namo bhavatu yatra niShIdasIti
    sarvaM namasyamanayA tu dishA mahEsha |
apyOShadhIH prati namO vayamAmanAmO
    dEhIva dEhamadhitiShTasi yEna sarvam || 17 ||
( tasmai namo bhavatu yatra niShIdasi iti
    sarvaM namasyam anayA tu dishA mahEsha |
api OShadhIH prati namO vayam AmanAmO
    dEhi iva dEham adhitiShTasi yEna sarvam ||  )

Meaning of the Prayer Song:

 Wherever You are manifest, that is venerable. 
By this logic everything is venerable!
Even for the herbs we say the salutations repeatedly!
You are governing all these as the spirit over the body!!


1. niShidasi - manifest; OShadi - herbs; AmanAma - often.

2. Haradattar affirmed that Lord Shiva is the One saluted by the Vedas
in the previous shlokas. Now one may ask that there are some mantras that 
seem to salute many others. For example take: 
OM namo brahmaNe namo astavgnaye namaH pRRithivyai namaH oshhadIbhyaH |
namo vAche namo vAchaspataye namo vishhNave mahate karomi || 

There are a lot of things saluted here. What is the reason for it?

The answer is: Wherever Lord Shiva is manifest we worship all that. 
We very much know that a stone cannot be God. However, we
ardently worship the Shivalinga, because the God is manifest in it.
The worship is not for the stone but for the God manifest in it.

(Some of the followers of the abrahamic religions without understanding the
significance of this symbolic worship, think of this as idol worship. It is their stupidity.
They may go back and fondly gaze at the photograph of their loved one.
Isn't that just a piece of paper!! Well, they many not realize.)

So, where the God is manifest, that is worshipped, which basically the worship of the God.
Going by that logic, God is Ashtamurti - that is manifest in the eight - earth, water,
air, fire, space, sun, moon and life. Everything/everyone you can imagine comes into the
category of these eight. So, essentially God is manifest in everything and hence everything
is venerable - only as the via media for worshipping God. Ultimately none of the salutations
are for those via media themselves, but for the Supreme God. Like the life in the body,
God is the spirit in all these manifestations.

3. c.f. a. பேய்வனத்து அமர்வானைப்; பிரார்த்தித்தார்க்கு
ஈவனை; இமையோர் முடி தன்னடிச் 
சாய்வனைச்; சலவார்கள் தமக்கு உடல் 
சீவனைச் சிவனைச் சிந்தியார்களே. - திருநாவுக்கரசு சுவாமிகள்

b. त्वमर्कस्त्वं सोमस्त्वमसि पवनस्त्वं हुतवहस्त्वमापस्त्वं व्योम त्वमु धरणिरात्मा त्वमिति च । 
परिच्छिञ्जामेवं त्वयि परिणता बिभ्रतु गिरं न विद्मस्तत्तत्वं वयमिह तु यत्वं न भवसि ॥ 
        - शिवमहिम्नः स्तोत्रम्
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