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Are you looking for a nice name for your newly born child ? Before giving a name think for a while. The name given to the child is going to get repeated throughout its life and may be even later. So the name should be one with deep meaning and sence in it rather than just serving as a tag. Hence in the religious system of sanAtana dharma the naming ceremony is given importance. The shAstras talk about the various names the newly born child has to be given like the name of the liked deity, the star in which the child is born, the name of the forefathers etc. Now as it has become that only one name is given and mainly one name stays, that name should be selected with the care for the lovely child.

Sometimes in the name of giving a stylish name, people forget about whether the name is meaningful or not. At times it results in names bearing bad meaning ! The names of the God and Goddess are very rich in their meaning and are really pleasent. Not only that, many of them are mantras - powerful words. They result in good effect even when uttered without contemplating on its meaning. Such excellent names when given to the children it is pleasent for the parents, child and the other associates who enjoy the name while calling. The names of the God and Goddess are thousands and thousands providing marvelous varieties to select. In order to select a suitable name comprehending the meaning an approximate meaning of the names has been provided to many of them.