Thirumurai Series - Foreword


Dear devotees of Lord Shiva,
	Thank you for your encouragement to this Daily Thirumurai 
postings. The intention of these postings are "vaigalum eNNil nalla 
gadhikku yaadhumoor kuRaivilai" (If we think (of the Lord Shiva) 
everyday, there would be no short coming for our well-being). These 
great treasures of Thirumurai are so magnificient that they would lead 
us to the Blissful Supreme that is beyond the limits of thoughts in a 
simple and easy to follow way, keeping us on the track. To know more 
about Thirumurais please visit siddhanta/thiru.html.

	The 12 months of the calander are well suited for chanting 
these 12 thirumuRais. So each month one thirumuRai will be taken up and 
the hymns from that will be posted. Though for this purpose taking the 
traditional Solar calander will be apt, for sake of simplicity the 
popular calender schedule will be adhered to.

	The notes given at the bottom are mainly intended for those who 
do not know the language (Tamil) and those who have the starting 
trouble to read and understand the verses. But it is written with the 
firm belief that reading the original words as said by these 27 great 
saints is the unparalleled glorious way to read these texts and there 
is nothing like it. Many who have vastly read these texts would 
appreciate this fact. Still an attempt is made to give a feel of its 
meaning - thought to whatever extent the original glory is toned down 
in the process.

	There have been followup mails and articles from the readers. 
Though reading them regularly, unable to respond or respond in time to 
many of them. May your broad minds that house the thoughts of the 
Limitless Lord toler this flaw. Some of the followups are of interest 
to readers on multiple mailing lists. So request the permission of the 
list members and owners to accept this cross posting.

	These thirumuRais nurture the field of our heart to grow the 
grains of devotion to offer to the Lord Who showers the Bliss. So it 
needs to be made avaiable in the complete original and flawless form to 
the community on the Internet. 
In this effort Shaiva Sidhdhantha Home Page is having the agenda to make available the complete thirumuRais. As of now only 8th thirumuRai (thiruvAsakam & thirukkOvaiyAr), 9th thirumuRai (thirumandhiram) are available online. The rest of the thirumuRais are yet to be added. T hose devotees who would like to contribute their time and effort for this holy cause are requested to contact. May the "chemmalar noonthaaL" (Perfect Flower, Forbearing Foot) of the Lord Shiva forgive and correct the mistakes. namaH shivAya "Long live the kind hearted, the divines and the cow-herds ! Fall the cool water ! King stand upright ! Sink all bad things ! Name of hara encircle ! World be free from sufferings !!"

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