thepperumanallur annadhAna shivan temple renovation

Annadhana Sivan of Thepperumalnallur, which village is situate near Thirunageswaram railway station - next station to Kumbakonam on Kumbakonam-Mayavaram route. Annadhana sivan used to feed lakhs of people during each Mahamakam festival in Kumbakonam without a single pie in his hand.

In this village there is a Siva temple, which is nearly 500 years old and in a highly dilapidated condition, requiring immediate repairs and renovation. There is no water even to do daily abhishekam to the Lingam and other deities . Now steps have been taken to dig a bore well, provide an overhead tank, pipe lines, electricity/lights, fan etc., as a basic requirement. There is absolutely no security in the temple and the utsava murthis are therefore deposited with the Thirunageswaram temple for safe keeping.

The Archakas who are really educated and good are paid a palty Rs.200 per month and we are making arrangements to provide them the minimum basic requirements to keep them have two square meals.

There are no vessels to do pujas, and there are practically no visitors to the temple, because of its condition.

The uniqueness of this temple is as follows:

  1. There is a siva linga in whose Avudiyar a maragada is fixed inside on which sunlight falls everyday.The Power of this linga is said to be the combination of all the 12 jothirlingas in India and therefore unique.
  2. The Dakshinamurthy Idol is unique and is considered more powerful and boon bestowing than Alangudi or anywherelse.
  3. A huge serpent visits the temple almost every day wounds round the Bhairavar statue inside the temple and also on the Linga and two shedded skins of the cobras have been collected and kept safely.
  4. The Ambal is called Vedantanayaki and swami as Viswanathar. There is a rudraksha kavacha on the sivalinga.
  5. This is the only temple where archana to siva is done with rudraksha archana with eka mukha to 12 mukha rudrakshas provides boons and purusharthas as the devotees require.
  6. There is vigneswara, Shanmuga, navagraha sannathis and also a temple tank on the eastern side.
  7. The power of the temple is such that Rahu/Kethu doshas are removed, childless couples bestowed with divine child and there are many more plus to benefit the devotee.

Therefore looking for help by way of funds and material to renovate the temple and do kumbabhishekam if possible during next year. It is said that this temple fed about 8000 people daily and we want to restore this glory again.

We have to provide absolute security arrangements to the temple, provide the required upachara items like lamps, bell, abhisheka vessels, provide 4 kala puja daily, provide lights, pay the archakas etc. Donation of rudrakshas are also welcome.

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