Radhapuram Sri Varagunapantiswarar temple

God       : Varagunapandichar
Goddess   : Nithiyakalyani


One of the pANdiya king who ruled from madhurai was varaguNa pANdiyan. He went for hunting once. There he founded a temple for the beloved God and Goddess. So the Lord in this temple became known as varaguNa pANdIchar. The name of the town could have been the aberration of the name irAchApuram (king's (made) town).


The Goddess in this temple appears very much like madhurai mInAxi. It is said that the turmaric offered to the Goddess does not get spoilt ever !! It is an ancient temple having stone inscriptions dating back to nineth century.

Main Festivals

  • Chithirai Peruvizha
  • Navaratri
  • Aippachi Thirumanavizha
  • Thiruvadhirai


State : Tamil Nadu
District : Kanyakumari
Situation: 10 kms from VaLLiyur.