Kailash - Manasarovar

God       : Paramashiva, Kailashapathi, Maharudra
Goddess   : Parvathi
thiirtham : mAnasasarovaram, gaurikuND
Great Saints visited : Very many, the dream abode of the saints.



  • Held most scarad by the devotees of Lord shiva. This is considered as the seat of mahArudra.
  • The Lord's mountain appear majestic with the surrounding of many smaller cliffs resembling the attendent divines of the Lord.
  • The Lord is worshiped by the Buddhists and Jains also.
  • gaurikuND, the thIrththa on the parikrama route is one of the ponds at the tallest place (19000+ feet over sea level) in the world.


State    : Tibet
Situation: In the Tibeten plateau to the north of Uttar Pradesh. It is 
reachable by trekking from Uttar Pradesh or by car through Nepal. It is 
about 900 km from Kathmandu. The base camp Tarchen is at an altitude of 
about 15000 feet from the mean sea level.

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